Off-Season Summer 2017 Program Registration

Start Date # Weeks # Training Sessions Total Fee Amount Per Payment (before HST)
April 24 17 73 $2,719 $543.80 Register
May 15 14 61 $2,249 $449.80 Register
May 29 12 56 $1,999 $399.80 Register
June 12 10 46 $1,699 $339.80 Register

Off Season Workouts: John Tavares NHL VideoCenter

The NHL visits the Athlete Training Centre to see how one of the best hockey players in the world prepares.

Program Highlights

  • Training sessions at the ATC are held Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday and run 1 ½ to 2 hours in length. Yoga, track & pre-tryout prep sessions are 1 hour in length
  • Maximum training group size = 20 athletes
    • 2 to 3 coaches per group. The coaches work with these 20 athletes from start to finish of every session: foam rolling, dynamic warm-up, acceleration, plyometrics, strength training, core, conditioning/energy system and stretching
    • All athletes are encouraged to acquire a MyZone a heart rate monitor which they wear for each workout. We are one of a handful of facilities in Canada that train with this system. This is a tremendous tool for improving conditioning & recovery, lean muscle gain and/or fat loss
    • Athletes are grouped according to age, physical strength, maturity
  • Full assessment & testing at beginning, end of June and mid-August. Results are tracked and reported to athlete and/or parents. Categories tracked: weight, body fat %, muscle mass, vertical jump, long jump, pull-ups, 10 yd. sprint, pro agility, front squat, deadlift, bench press
  • Physio and injury assessment on site in a dedicated physio room provided by Sheddon Physiotherapy staff
  • All athletes are expected to maintain certain body composition goals
  • Nutrition counseling is available to each athlete and their family. We constantly reinforce with all the athletes the importance of eliminating processed calorie dense foods. The goal of everyone is to move to a REAL WHOLE FOOD NUTRIENT DENSE PLANT STRONG eating lifestyle
  • Each athlete is provided a new workout sheet at the beginning of the week. These workout sheets lay out the reps for each set and the resistance (weight) to be lifted. These numbers are specific to each athlete’s individual strength level. The athlete’s strength levels are tracked throughout the summer and updated continuously. Progressive Resistance.
  • Supplements
    • Pre-workout Biosteel Sports Drink
    • Post workout shake. For recovery & lean muscle growth it is imperative that an athlete get carbohydrates and protein with 30 minutes of a training session. We will alternate between BioSteel Recovery and a plant based protein such as Sun Warrior.
  • Yoga for athlete's sessions at ATC on Wednesday’s July & August coached by Angela Jackson of Angela Jackson - Life
  • Track sessions to be held a Loyola High School
    • Stairs & hills conditioning sessions to be held at Sixteen Mile Creek ravine in Oakville (Neyagawa & Dundas) Saturday mornings August
  • Skills – we have installed an indoor & outdoor shooting range. As the summer progresses we will include this as part of the program. In addition, all athletes are expected to stay after their training session to work on their skills development