Off-Season Summer 2018 Program Registration

Start Date # Weeks # Training Sessions
April 30 17 65 Register
May 22 14 53 Register
June 4 12 46 Register
June 18 10 38 Register

Program Highlights

ATC, Pierre’s Elite Performance & Jacqueline Gradish

Our coaches push and INSPIRE. We train smart and we TRAIN HARD. We build elite athlete and warriors.


Our training philosophy emphasizes:

  • Both maximum and relative strength to body weight
  • Mobility and flexibility. Explosive athletes have great mobility in their hips and shoulders

Training sessions at the ATC are Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday and run 1 ½ to 2 hours.

  • Maximum training group size = 20 athletes
  • 2 to 3 coaches per group. Coaches work with these 20 athletes from start to finish every session
  • Individual training sheets specific to each athlete updated weekly to ensure progression

Speed & Athleticism

Our goal is to improve the athleticism of every athlete who trains with us by focusing on body composition, speed and acceleration - both linear and game/chaos multidirectional.

This block of the program is designed by coach Shea Pierre (Pierre’s Elite Performance) and renowned track/sprint coach Andre Metivier.

Weekly speed sessions at Loyola High School track – July & August

  • Initial testing & assessment, mid-term and final testing: deadlift, pull-ups, long-jump, 10 yard sprint, 300 yard shuttle run, weight, body fat%, muscle mass.

  • Dedicated Skills & Shooting area with unlimited access

  • MyZone Heart Rate Monitor belt & phone app ($150 value)
  • PEP Speed Training Band, training shirts & gym bag ($75 value)

  • ATC Nutrition Guide ($50 Value)
  • Pre workout Biosteel sports drink & post workout shake (protein, almond milk, banana) ($170 to $300 value)