ATC Readiness Program

The Athlete Training Centre Readiness Program has been designed for those athletes not yet ready to engage in power strength training performed by more mature athletes. After an athlete goes through the ATC Readiness Program he or she will graduate to the ATC regular program.

Who Should Use the Readiness Program?

Athletes age 12 - 13 should begin in the readiness program. By training 2x per week young athletes still have the time to participate in other sports during their summer off-season from their main sport. By participating in other sports at this young age it helps the young athlete become a better all-round athlete before specializing in the sport of their choice.

The reason for getting started in the ATC Readiness Program is that very few people can reach their full athletic potential without strength training. The Readiness Program allows an athlete get a head start on other athletes and become a much better athlete by the time he or she is 15 and moving into senior high school sports or the important ice hockey years.

A parent should have no concerns about a young athlete entering into such a program. Research has proved conclusively there is no danger of a young athlete doing strength training. In fact, the research shows the tremendous benefit of such a program. The research also shows there is substantially more force exerted on a young athlete in running, jumping climbing, stopping etc. then they would experience were they not in a training program. NOTE: Contact us if you would like to see some of the research.

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Program Emphasis

  • Strength Training – The ATC System places emphasis will be on body weight strength (push-ups, chin-ups, squats) and at the same time taught the proper technique for certain weight lifting exercises. Once the athlete has mastered the technique they will progress to specifically designed barbells for young people. Athletes must show perfect technique before progressing
  • Flexibility – Our protocols ensure correct and proper stretching both before (dynamic) and after (static) workouts.
  • Agility/game speed – most injuries occur in young athletes because of improper stopping (deceleration) and landing on jumps. The athletes will be taught both. You cannot accelerate quickly (the basis of sport game speed) without being able to absorb the forces of deceleration.
  • Nutrition – we will introduce proper nutrition for athletes
  • Energy System – over the last 4 weeks of the program conditioning will take place in order to ensure a game ready athlete leaves our system.