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Summit Program Details

The off-season is when athletes in any sport have the opportunity to take their game to the next level. It is the time when the elite athletes concentrate on getting stronger, faster, more explosive AND when they work on and improve their individual skills.

The Summit Program provides the most comprehensive development of a hockey player in the GTA.

Program enrollment of 50 athletes


  • Skill development – progressions of translate-able skill
  • Position Awareness and Identification
  • Game Situation Progressions
  • 14 Hours On-Ice over 7 weeks
  • 1 hours stick skills & shooting
  • 1 hour translate-able skill to position, FWD & DEF
  • Groups will be put together based on registration and grouped according to skill and age level


    • July 7 – August 20 : Tuesday & Wednesday (9AM – 1PM), Thursday (11AM – 1PM)
    • 2 hours per week (1 session)
    • Meadowvale 4 Rinks, Mississauga

Our belief is that:

  • The off-season is not the time that hockey players should be performing team skills such as flow drills etc. Those skills are developed throughout the competitive playing season during team practices.
  • Hockey players who reach the top levels of their sport spend their off-season working on their own individual skills alongside their strength, speed, explosive power & conditioning training.
  • Weekly sessions throughout the off-season are better than 1 week camps. Just as in academics weekly reinforcement promotes learning (long-term memory) and understanding much better than cramming everything in a week or couple of days.