Our Program

Simply put – We Change Lives!

Whether it is the elite athletes who have been coming to us for 10 years or the adults who have joined us in the past year our goal is to get the best out of everyone who comes through our doors.

Unlike 99% of the gyms in existence

"We are not in the membership business.  We are in the fitness business."

The Athlete Training Centre utilizes wearable, performance‐based technology that monitors heart rate so you can track your progress every time you exercise. Whether you are training inside the ATC or outdoors, MyZone™ evaluates your performance in real‐time, providing immediate motivation and amplified long‐term improvement.

Within one half hour of your training session you will receive an email summarizing your session including calories burned.  You also have a personal cloud account to track all your training sessions.

Our Classes

Complete Strength sessions are full body strength workout. These types of workouts are our #1 priority to burn calories and build lean muscle to boost your metabolism for the long term.

Everyone has their own workout log that is specific to their strength level.  We will monitor your progress and your workout log will be constantly updated as your strength improves.

Density training is a combination of strength development and a metabolic circuit.  You will be lifting weights with the loads heavy enough to build muscle.


You will move from one exercise to another at a pace that will build work capacity and fitness very quickly

Our Metabolic sessions are our version of a cardio workout. They burn calories, get your metabolism revving and give you the cardiovascular benefits you are looking for. We’ve taken it up a notch using all kinds of equipment: sleds, xfit rig, TRX, dumbbells, ropes, sandbags, medicine balls, body weight. You’ll have a blast and you’ll torch fat!