Terms and Conditions

I give my consent for me or my child (athlete), to participate in the athlete training program conducted by the Athlete Training Centre (ATC). All applicants under the age of 18 years must have consent, in written form, from a parent or guardian.

Risks: I recognize that exercise carries some risk to the musculoskeletal system (sprains, strains) and the cardio- respiratory system (dizziness, discomfort in breathing).

I hereby certify that I know of no medical problem, which would increase I or my child’s (athlete) risk of illness and injury as a result of participation in the programs at the Athlete Training Centre. For adults that are non-athletes wishing to partake in Adult programs conducted by the ATC the applicant acknowledging, by way of completing a PAR-q form, that he/she has no physical limitations preventing him/her from participation.

By signing this consent form, I understand the risks and benefits I/my child may experience with exercise.

I agree that I shall provide health insurance or other applicable insurance to cover personal injury or property damage sustained by the applicant while participating in the ATC Program.

I also waive the responsibility of The Athlete Training Centre if I/my child should incur any injury as a result of participating in a training session. Furthermore, all applicants release the Athlete Training Centre (ATC), its owners, directors, managers and all employees of all liability regarding 1) any injury to self or child 2) any loss or damage to personal property.

The applicant also agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Athlete Training Centre (ATC) and acknowledges that these rules and regulations may change from time to time.

If purchasing packages that require payments to be made in installments, the applicant agrees to approve such installments be made by credit card on the dates as predetermined in the services contract.

Registration & Purchase:

To register or purchase from the Athlete Training Centre (ATC) online booking system, you must be over eighteen years of age. You must ensure that the details provided by you on registration or at any time are correct and complete.